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1779869_792609347443840_5472648096661153117_nDaniel, 2014 Graduate:

“Melissa creates an atmosphere that is free of judgment and competition. Everyone gets a strong core foundation and education on yogic principles and teaching techniques, with the freedom to discover our own personal style and message. Her teacher training has given me a foundation to build my own practice from the ground up, with the freedom to incorporate my own personal spiritual journey. I went in expecting to learn to teach yoga, I came out having discovered myself.” 



Brooke, 2015 Graduate:

“My teacher training with Melissa was far more than learning how to just be a great yoga teacher. It was a transformative journey for me as a person.  I found a strength in me, as well as a vulnerability, that I didn’t realize I had. I made wonderful friends that I will call my sisters for life.  I became a confident instructor and more grounded person during that nine months. If you are looking to teach yoga or even deepen your own practice and do something wonderful for yourself, I would highly recommend the sacred glow journey.  I loved it so much that I signed up for the 300 hour as soon as it was available! I can’t wait to continue my journey and learn more about the heart of yoga and continue to discover the heart of me.”


11091458_808662959208559_8933388089673827767_nWhitney, 2014 Graduate:

“If you’re toying with the idea of yoga teacher training, check out Melissa Scott’s program! Not only will you love her sweet, strong spirit & nurturing personality, but you’ll also experience classes from multiple guest teachers with various yoga backgrounds. I left her training with the confidence to teach to a room full of complete strangers – and to do it in my own playful way 🙂

Since I live three hours away from Birmingham, I took a leap of faith signing up for her teacher training.  I hadn’t met Melissa, or anyone else in the class, but I left with twenty-one new lifelong friends – such an amazing experience!!”



Kara, 2015 Graduate

“I was hesitant to sign up for a Teacher Training for a variety of reasons:  I want to do yoga, not teach it. I get enough out of yoga as is. What if everyone knows more than me? I can’t do all the poses, so why do I think I can teach them? I don’t have the time…

But, I took a deep breath and decided that I owed this to myself. BEST DECISION EVER.

I knew it was going to be good after the first night. I didn’t know how good it would be until it was over and I was in tears at the thought of no more YTT weekends. Melissa creates a learning environment that is calming, nurturing, and encourages each person to safely explore his/her boundaries. I’ve NEVER felt more like I belonged with a group of people as I did sitting in the room with my fellow trainees. They are forever a part of me. Sacred Glow gave me the tools to be a solid teacher, but more than that, it gave me a chance to explore my yoga and my soul. Through monthly reading assignments, reflection papers, and honest discussions, I was able to see myself and my journey more clearly than I ever have before. I see how my life has evolved into something more beautiful over the past two years and I can’t help but think that Sacred Glow was a huge part of that. I’m more present, more aware of others, more caring, more honest,and more open than I ever thought I could be. Sacred Glow Yoga Teacher Training helped me break down walls inside myself and allowed me to realize the journey is the destination. Yoga saved me, but Sacred Glow repaired and renewed me.”


10003242_10152583826823138_6201652545488760865_nTheresa, 2014 Graduate

“Melissa Scott’s ytt was the best gift that I have ever given myself. During the year, I learned more and explored more deeply than any yoga pose- it’s way more than the asana. It prepared me for a big journey I’ve been taking to change my career- basically it’s a tool for you to connect to yourself and life more deeply, to face obstacles that will inevitably arise, to enhance your every day experiences. It’s a must if you have a connection to yoga that you want to deepen! It’s beautiful to be around Melissa and all of the amazing people who will be on the journey with you.”



Millie, 2015 Graduate

“I started my journey to becoming a yoga teacher with Melissa Scott’s 200 hour teacher training.  I had never taken a Core Strength Vinyasa class and didn’t know much about how different it would be from my alignment based background.  But it didn’t matter.  I knew the first time that I met Melissa that I wanted to study with her and with the other lovely souls who were in the room at the introductory session.  Most of them signed up as well and are now my life-long yoga sisters.  Yoga teacher training challenged me to find my voice as a teacher, to improve my own practice, and to begin to delve into the deeper philosophy and background of yoga.  It was a magical journey.”


12002866_10205091069972519_8543000053938797407_nNaomi, 2014 Graduate

“Teacher training with Melissa Scott was the opportunity I needed. I always had a passion for yoga, and I knew I wanted to deepen my practice with teacher training. However, many of the trainings I read about did not seem to resonate with me until I found this one. Melissa’s dynamic teaching style and her pure open mind when it comes to yoga was so invigorating in a world where many teachers and styles of practice are rigid. The thing I enjoyed the most was learning so many important fundamentals of yoga as well as anatomy. Also, we touched on several styles of yoga which was unique. Melissa is a real yoga teacher. This is her passion, and you can tell from day one of meeting her.”



Lindsay, 2015 Graduate

“If someone ask me about going through yoga teacher training I always reply, “Go for it!” Melissa’s CSV teacher training is a bigger experience than you can imagine. It is life changing! You will find a deeper  sense of a confident self while exploring yoga poses and you will make life long friends. To have this CSV yoga teacher training in Birmingham is priceless, it leaves you with a community of connections and support. Take the leap of faith. You will not regret it!”


10696349_10102732339651505_4958012687303553603_nCarla Jean, 2014 Graduate

“If you’ve thought about yoga teacher training, then you’ve probably heard a half-dozen times that it will change your life. 

And it will. But it may be in more subtle, and even more significant, ways than you’d expect.

I loved my Sacred Glow YTT experience. It was nine months of intense yoga study and friendship (I even met my roommate through it!). But I didn’t personally encounter some of the deep soul searching that others talked about. The homework assignments and discussions moved me, certainly, but I didn’t feel that I’d been torn apart and put back together. (Maybe that’s because I’d already been in therapy for years!)

Instead, YTT initiated a lasting deepening of my yoga experience, on and off the mat. Through exercises such as determining my core message, I examined what yoga brings to my life and why I believe it’s worth sharing with others. I now share elements of those lessons in every class I teach. I knew that yoga offered me something deep, a way of experiencing my world physically as well as emotionally. I’m now better able to verbalize that and lead others into it while continuing to explore yoga beyond the postures.

Melissa Scott’s teaching is insightful and clear, always focused on developing you as a person, not merely a fitness professional. Sacred Glow YTT is a supportive learning environment where you’ll learn to lead by always facing the world in the posture of a student.”

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