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2014 Graduating Class

2014 Graduating Class

Tell me about your teacher training. How long is it? How much does it cost?

Sacred Glow’s YTT is nine months and meets one weekend per month. It’s the most affordably priced teacher training in Birmingham, and payment plans are available. Learn more about the details here.


Do we do yoga in teacher training?

Yes! You will do at least one yoga practice every day of teacher training.


Do I have to be able to do advanced yoga poses to enroll in teacher training?

Not at all. Practitioners of all levels are welcome. You will be exposed to all types of poses, but you are not expected to perform them if they are not a fit for your body for any reason (although you’re certainly welcome to try!). The only pre-requisite for training is that you practice yoga for a minimum of six months prior to the start of training, averaging at least one day a week. If you have questions about the pre-requisite, talk to Melissa before you apply.


What kind of yoga do you (Melissa) teach?

I teach Core Strength Vinyasa, a unique style of yoga flow that focuses on Deep Core muscles, energy-building, detoxifying, and injury prevention. We move into poses very differently than other styles of yoga. It’s a fun and deeply strengthening style of yoga that’s great for all levels, including beginners.


What makes your teacher training different than other trainings in town?

So many things! In a word: Heart. My training is heartfelt and loving. It nurtures the teacher within you. No cookie-cutter teachers here. We’re on a mission to find how¬†you teach yoga. To find out more about why I think my training is so unique, go here.


I’m going to be out of town one of the weekends of training. Is it okay for me to miss a weekend?

Yes! You can miss up to one full weekend of training. Make-ups are done one-on-one with Melissa for an affordable hourly rate. One full weekend can usually be made up in two hours.


I’m concerned about money and being able to afford the training. Can you help me?

Yes. In addition to being the most affordably priced teacher training in town, scholarships and payment plans are available. Talk to Melissa directly to learn more.


How do I register?

So easy! Just go here to register online or to download the application to mail in. I can’t wait for you to join us!


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